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We are Alessio & Marta, husband and wife, dog lovers, passionate cooks and impulsive travelers.
Alessio is the soul of the studio and the portrait master, while Marta is the one devoted to details (in pictures and styling). We plan, discuss, laugh and photograph together, trying to learn something new everyday. We strongly believe that beauty can save the world, so we decided to help. We are both Italian, but we currently live in Provence, South of France. If you like our photos and style don’t esitate to contact us, even if you live in the Kingdom of Far Far Away.We will find a way to get there.

Want more infos about our services? We’d be more than happy to answer your questions, but please drop us a line at hello [at] studioaq.com, and tell us something more about you and your story, it’s always better to get to know each other before talking business.


If you want to know about our passion for printed photos and albums (more likely an obsession) you can find some infos and photos here.


If you always wanted to take some photography lessons, but never found the time, these Skype sessions might be your solution!

Studio A+Q Marta & Ale

You can also find Marta’s food photos here.

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