The wedding season comes to an end, autumn is gently hugging us with its breathtaking colors, and we can’t wait to start shooting cozier sessions, like this maternity shoot Alessio captured last year with Morgane, when her baby Aaron was still comfortably in her belly! So many good memories! So many new¬†memories to create yet!

Maternity in Provence_WEB_001Maternity in Provence_WEB_002Maternity in Provence_WEB_003Maternity in Provence_WEB_004Maternity in Provence_WEB_005Maternity in Provence_WEB_006Maternity in Provence_WEB_007Maternity in Provence_WEB_008Maternity in Provence_WEB_009Maternity in Provence_WEB_010Maternity in Provence_WEB_011Maternity in Provence_WEB_012Maternity in Provence_WEB_013

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