For almost a year we have been working on a project which makes us really proud, thanks to Julie & Chris (aka Monsieur et Madame Turle) we had the chance to photograph the cover shoot of their book: Mariette, a special and useful resource for brides and grooms who are in the process of organizing their wedding. Mariette is a guide, but also a precious source of ideas and inspiration.

We can’t stop browsing it, proud of being part of a project so full of talents, and love.

Here’s our contribution:

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Stationery: Crème de papier 
Wedding gown: Les Sœurs Waziers 
Groom’s suit: Kulte 
Wedding cake-cupcakes: Brooklynette
Rings: Alliances Antipodes 
Flower design/scenography: Big Day 
Hair and make up: Sylvie Pastore  
Watch: Paparazzi Timewatch 
Chairs: Maisons du Monde 
Hot-air baloon: Vol-terre 
Set design: Monsieur & Madame TURLE  
Models: Julien & Emilie
Videography: Davaï

And you can find a copy of the book here

Studio A+Q_Misshaped Pearls_BLOG_0035


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