On a stormy day of July we have been in Lorgues (Provence) for  the wedding of Shey and Arnaud, and despite the weather it has been THE perfect day, full of love and fun, good food and good friends. Nothing short than amazing.

Thank you guys for having us documenting your day!

Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_01 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_02 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_03 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_04 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_05 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_06 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_07 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_08 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_09 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_10 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_11 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_12 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_13 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_14 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_15 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_15bis Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_16 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_17 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_18 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_19 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_20 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_21 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_22 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_23 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_24 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_25 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_26 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_27 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_28 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_29 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_30 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_31 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_32 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_33 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_34 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_35 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_36 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_37 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_38 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_39 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_40 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_41 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_42 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_43 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_44 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_45 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_46 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_47 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_48 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_49 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_50 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_51 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_52 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_53 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_54 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_55 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_56 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_57 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_58 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_59 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_60 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_61 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_62 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_63 Studio A+Q_S+A_Mariage_64


Bride’s dress and veil: Kelly Faetanini
Bride’s shoes: Badgley Mischka
Groom’s suit: J. Crew
Jewerly: BHDLN and Thomas Laine
Location and catering: Le Relais des Moines
Decoration: Le Relais des Moines
Favors: perfumes from Fragonard

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October 2, 2013
Che meraviglia!!! Bravissimi voi come sempre e...sposa bellissima!!!