I always have had a soft spot for romantic and feminine settings, and I finally convinced Alessio to set up a “Little Women” inspired shoot. The novel was one of my childhood favourites and I liked the idea of playing with different types of characters: the wise and well-mannered one, the blunt and jolly, the shy and gentle and, of course, the pretty one. After a few phone calls we realized that we already had our “little women”. The girls in the shoot are actual friends, a little scattered around Europe, and they were happy to model for us together. I always loved the atmosphere of the novel, the taste for simple things made with care, the strong bonds between the girls and the sense of backing.
In our story they are not sisters, but best friends celebrating the engagement of one of them, with a bridal picnic, sharing good food and laughters, in a warm atmosphere of togetherness and friendship. The same that enchanted me as a little girl (and still does).

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June 19, 2012